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Top 10 Feminist, Queer, Inclusive Gifts For The Holidays

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Dean Moncel

Top 10 Feminist, Queer, Inclusive Gifts For The Holidays

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Dean Moncel

As the giving-season approaches, people need gift ideas and quickly! After all, shipping can take a while, products go out of stock, crowded shops… it can become a real ordeal. But fear no more, we have put together a Top 10 list of identity-inclusive, feminist, queer gifts for your loved ones that you can get right now.

1. A Taboo-free Game About Sexuality

Who doesn’t like a board game? Lez Game is the perfect gift for someone who loves their friends and isn’t afraid to address sexuality, feelings and pleasure. The game is designed to be fun and educational. It even features different team mini-games! Check it out here.

2. A Stitching Model For Your Stitching Friends

Do you have friends that love stitching? Gift them a stitching pattern! This rainbow unicorn with “Smash The Patriarchy” written around would hang nicely in someone’s living room and conveys convictions effectively. A thoughtful way to support your loved one’s hobby. Get this print here.

3. A Sweatshirt From QueerCorner Store

QueerCorner is a brand new online store full of queer items that could be gifted to loved ones. Our personal favorites are the sweatshirts references cultural queer shows: The L Word and Queer Eye. But we also like the embroidered queer flags onto quality sweatshirts. You can find even more LGBTIQ+ culture gifts on the store. Since it has just launched, there is a 20% off discount code until December 25th: use QUEERXMAS at checkout. Look here!

4. A Book On Queerness

For your queer bookworms, Leslie Feinberg’s novel Stone Butch Blues is a classic in queer literature. This story began, deepened and continued conversations around gender identity, gender expression, homophobic police brutality and sexual orientation. It definitely highlights the need for queer liberation. Get it here.

If the bookworm is enamored by poetry, this anthology of queer poets of color by Christopher Soto is an excellent choice. There is a balance between iconic authors such as Audre Lorde and contemporary poets like Natalie Diaz. It’s worth checking out.

5. A Card Game… But Better

Your typical ordinary card game… or not? Here, the queen and the king have equal power. It is an interesting concept and helps to normalize equality amongst genders. This card game has instructions translated in several languages, including French and German, for fun with any groups of people. Get it here!

6. A Gift Card, But It’s Actually Useful And Appreciated

I will admit that gift cards are not a great gift, but giving someone the opportunity to buy a quality binder, from a reputable brand, truly is. For trans people, this is helping them financially to live in their world with more comfort. Since sizes are very tricky, a gift card is a great way to go. Make a trans friend happy :)

7. A Drag Queen Print

Any drag enthusiasts around you? They may appreciate this artistic print of drag queens faces, which makes for perfect decoration. If the print is not your thing, this design comes on many other items on the Redbubble store. Look for yourself.

8. A Notebook!

Got friends who love their pens? They need something to write on! Artist Nathan Cha has a collection of art available on clothing, tapestries, blankets or the cover of a notebook. You choose the type of notebook on his shop.

9. Lace Badges?

This is a personal favorite: queer badges… for laces. These work as a subtle way to show inclusion into the community. The shop that sells this offers many different LGBTIQ+ flags and one set contains two pairs (so no need to buy twice). Check it out here!

10. Intersex Throw Pillow

For our intersex folks, we found a throw pillow with the intersex pride flag design onto it. It definitely adds color to an otherwise monochrome couch set up. The rugged flag design is available onto other items, but we found the throw pillow to be the coolest. See you for yourself.

Happy holidays from the Be You Network Team! 🎁🎆✨

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