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Gamifying education: When tech revolutionizes children storytelling

Gamifying education: When tech revolutionizes children storytelling

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Alma Moya Losada

Once upon a time...

A little girl was always dreaming of ways to change the world for the better.

And every day…

Her dream was getting bigger and bigger.

Until one day….

She became a woman, an action woman, and decided to stand up for what's right.


Her grandma could not have the right to vote, and neither had the right to have her own bank account.


When she was working on an NGO to tackle diversity and inclusion within multinationals, she realized that the problem was not at the workforce level, but within the education systems.

Her previous experiences in tech, gaming, and virtual reality had given her endless ideas. The applications of AR and AI in an educational setting are infinite, providing alternative learning styles and forms of knowledge.


When she became an auntie, she realized that children are immersed in a social environment that produces and perpetuates rigid roles. The stereotypes she saw in the screens, entertainment, retail, media, and education propagate the inequalities we see in adult life.

Until finally…

One night, she  understood that we must rewrite the reality that we have been told to accept and she started to focus on disrupting the storytelling.

She discovered an 'app gap' and dreamed of creating fun and engaging content that at the same time, it's creative and educational.

Suddenly, the Coronavirus appeared and forced parents to change screen time plans. Before covid-19, screen time for her nieces' used to be limited to two hours a week. Now, there are new rules. Abril and Africa, 8, and 11-year-old are now permitted two to four hours a day of "free rein" on screens.

She believes that the benefits of tech on children's health, well-being, social and emotional outcomes depend less on-screen time and more on the type of content they engage with...

And today…

We aim to empower children to celebrate their uniqueness, embrace their authenticity, and be whoever they want to be through fun and educational story games.

We also offer educational activities to play off the app and reflect on the meaning behind each story. Each activity invites every child to go on an inspirational journey from drawing to cooking, video making, and much more.

Our games allow children to use their imagination and explore their creativity.
We've created the blue planet to talk about human values and diversity in a fun and engaging way. We aim to create an infinite number of planets from the orange planet where creativity and innovation bloom to the green planet where sustainability is real.

We want to demonstrate the power of storytelling to engage in wide support for cultural change.

Our concept matches with the emerging appreciation of emotional intelligence, the growing amount of researchers like Brené Brown, the value of socio.emotional connectivity, and the social movements such as #BlacklivesMatter, #MeToo, #TimesUp, #LikeAGirl, #BanBossy, #HeforShe, #BeBoldForChange, and many more are giving us proof of concept.

I’m super thrilled that Rebeca and Mary Sarah joined me on this adventure in 2018. This year, aequaland is onboarding young talent like David, Ina, and Andrea. From Brazil, Chile, the Caribbean, to Indonesia, Spain, and Switzerland — we are getting bigger!

To keep up to date with our game launch, follow us on @aequaland and sign-up on The first beta storytelling game app will be available on iOs and Android stores in 8 days from now. Stay tuned!

Oh forgot to say, I’m terrible at these ABOUT ME things, haha! But my name is Alma — feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or at

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